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Storage Unit Clean Out Services in Las Vegas

When a person or a company rents a storage unit, they typically do so as a temporary solution to get things out of the way. Given that a 10′ by 20′ non-climate controlled storage facility typically costs roughly $100 per month, it’s understandable if an individual or business wants out at the end of the term.

Better Junk Haul is your premier storage unit clean-out service in Las Vegas, NV! We understand that decluttering and organizing your storage spaces can be daunting. With years of experience, we specialize in efficiently clearing unwanted items, responsibly disposing of junk, and providing eco-friendly solutions.

Let us handle the heavy lifting while you enjoy a clutter-free, refreshed space. Contact us today for secure, reliable, affordable storage unit clean-out services in Las Vegas!

What is Storage Unit Cleanout?

Over 60,000 self-storage facilities totaling more than a billion square feet are in the United States. Customers can rent several storage units from any facility; some may have hundreds. The issue with putting unwanted items in storage for an extended period of time is that storage costs can pile up, especially if they top $100 per month. The storage facility owners eventually execute a cleanout after the return on investment becomes suspect fairly quickly.

Although several sizes are available, even tiny units can take time to remove several things. Planning a storage unit cleanup makes it easier to decide which items to preserve and which to discard. The plan is strengthened by working with Better Junk Haul’s knowledgeable junk removal professionals.

What is the purpose of the storage unit clean out?

A storage unit clean-out aims to organize, declutter, and remove items from a storage unit. Storage units often store items people don’t need regularly or belongings they have yet to be ready to part with but have no space at home.

Several reasons can lead to a storage unit clean-out:

  1. Optimizing Space: Over time, storage units can become overcrowded and disorganized. A clean-out allows individuals to sort through their belongings, discard or donate items they no longer need, and arrange the remaining items in a more efficient and accessible manner.
  2. Moving or Relocating: When moving to a new place or relocating, people often clean out their storage units to determine what items to take with them and what to leave behind.
  3. Clearing Clutter: A storage unit clean-out can be an opportunity to declutter and let go of items that no longer serve a purpose or hold sentimental value.
  4. Inventory Check: Individuals and businesses may perform storage unit clean-outs to take inventory of stored items, ensuring they clearly understand what’s inside and what condition those items are in.
  5. Renovation or Repurposing: If the storage unit is part of a larger property being renovated or repurposed, a clean-out may be necessary to prepare the space for its new use.

A storage unit clean-out is a practical and proactive process to manage stored belongings efficiently, reduce unnecessary expenses, and create a well-organized space that meets the owner’s or renter’s current needs.

Common Items Found in Storage Units

Common Items Found in Storage Units

Storage units can contain various items, as people use them to store belongings they don’t need immediate access to or to declutter their living spaces. Here are some common items often found in storage units:

  • Household Furniture: Couches, chairs, tables, dressers, beds, and other pieces of furniture are frequently stored in units when people are moving, downsizing, or between living arrangements.
  • Boxes: Cardboard boxes filled with personal items, clothes, books, kitchenware, and other household belongings are standard items found in storage units
  • Electronics: TVs, computers, gaming consoles, DVD players, stereos, and other electronic devices are commonly stored in units.
  • Household appliances: Refrigerators, microwaves, ovens, washing machines, and other appliances may be stored temporarily unless needed or during relocation.

If you are looking for a junk removal company offering a Las Vegas storage clean out services, call us at Better Junk Haul, and we will pick up all the unwanted things you want to remove from your storage units.

Better Junk Haul: Junk Removal and Storage Unit Cleanout

We’ve performed so many storage unit cleanouts at Better Junk Haul that our crew knows the procedure. We enter the unit, organize everything for you, and then remove and haul away any old and unused trash. We can provide complete self-storage cleanouts for businesses that wish to cut back on their monthly costs. There is no reason to continue wasting money on storage space for things you genuinely don’t need. We’ve cleaned out storage facilities of all sizes, from small storage spaces to huge bay units, and we can do that for you.

Our Other Haul Away and Junk Removal Services Offered

Our business takes satisfaction in doing tasks efficiently, affordably, and correctly. We provide a variety of valuable services in addition to storage unit clean outs, such as the following:

  • Junk Removal
  • Trash Removal
  • Appliance Removal
  • Household Junk Removal
  • Garage Clean Outs
  • Basement Clean Outs
  • Estate Home Clean Outs
  • Yard Debris Removal
  • Foreclosure Clean Outs
  • Construction Debris Removal

We are the people to contact if you need assistance cleaning your storage unit. We have a site close to you that serves the Las Vegas, NV, area. When and where you need us, we will go there. 

Making a Storage Unit Cleanout Simple by Hiring Better Junk Haul

In addition to helping people who are storing their personal stuff, Better Junk Haul also helps operators of storage facilities who occasionally have to deal with abandoned junk. Customers may leave the country, lose interest, or not pay the following storage unit bill, so they leave their belongings behind. Once the facility manager calls Better Junk Haul for a cleanup, they are left to deal with the problem of abandoned trash.

The storage facility manager must remove the clutter to rent the space to another person as soon as possible. Every day the junk remains in storage is when money is lost. Yes, the manager may auction off forfeited stuff, but it could be cheap junk that no one is interested in purchasing. Better Junk Haul transports unwanted items to recyclers, even though most things cannot be salvaged.

It might be challenging for movers to enter and exit standard storage facilities because the units are packed closely together, and the paths are small. Because Better Junk Haul has a wealth of experience working with these facilities, cleanouts are stress-free and go without the usual headaches.

Benefits of Cleaning Out Storage Units

Cleaning out storage units offers numerous benefits, making it a worthwhile and essential task. Whether you have a personal storage unit or manage one as a business, regular cleaning and decluttering can lead to the following advantages:

  • Maximizing Space Utilization: Clearing out unused or unnecessary items allows you to optimize the available storage space. You can rearrange belongings more efficiently, making finding and accessing items easier when needed.
  • Improved Organization: Cleaning out the storage unit allows you to categorize and label items better. A well-organized unit makes finding specific belongings easy, saving time and reducing frustration.
  • Reducing Clutter and Stress: A cluttered storage unit can lead to feelings of overwhelm and anxious. Decluttering creates a more peaceful and enjoyable environment, promoting a positive state of mind.

You can trust us at Better Junk Haul if you need storage cleanout services. Call us today and experience a clean, organized, convenient, safe, and secure storage unit.

Storage Unit Clean Out Services in Las Vegas

Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Better Junk Haul for Your Storage Unit Clean Out? Here’s why you should choose us:

  1. Experience and Expertise: With years of experience in the junk hauling industry, we have honed our skills and techniques to ensure efficient and reliable storage unit clean-outs. Our team is highly trained and knowledgeable, capable of handling any scale of the clean-out project with the utmost professionalism.
  2. Eco-Friendly Approach: We care about the environment as much as you do. That’s why we adopt eco-friendly practices in every aspect of our operations. From responsible disposal to recycling, we ensure that as little as possible is in the landfill.
  3. Comprehensive Clean-Out Solutions: Our services go beyond merely removing items from your storage unit. We offer comprehensive clean-out solutions tailored to your specific needs. Whether it’s organizing, sorting, or disposing of unwanted items, we’ve got you covered.
  4. Affordable Pricing: Cleaning out a storage unit should not break the bank. We provide fair and transparent pricing, ensuring that you get the most for your money.
  5. Versatility in Handling Items: From furniture and appliances to old electronics and construction debris, there’s no job too big or too small for us. Our team is well-equipped to handle a wide range of items and materials.

Regarding storage unit clean-outs, Better Junk Haul is the name you can trust. Contact us today, and let’s work together to reclaim your storage space!


Here are some frequently asked questions.

Can I rent a moving truck or van to transport items during the clean out?

Yes, renting a moving truck or van can help transport items from the storage unit to your desired location. But if you need a junk removal company that offers storage unit clean-out services like us at Better Junk Haul, you don’t have to worry about all that since we have you covered.

Can I hire a junk removal service for the clean out?

Yes, junk removal companies like us at Better Junk Haul can efficiently dispose of unwanted mess box containers of goods, items, and debris. 

Is it necessary to remove items from boxes during the clean out?

It’s not mandatory, but unpacking and organizing items outside boxes can help create a more systematic approach.

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