Americans purchased about 560 million household appliances in 2020, including large and small kitchen appliances.

While these appliances might look shiny and new, they will soon become obsolete and e-waste.

But how do we properly dispose of e-waste?

You’re here because you need to get rid of old kitchen appliances.

You undoubtedly know you ought to recycle your electrical things, whether a coffee maker, toaster, or blender, but you need help figuring out where to begin.

This post will tell you how to properly dispose of old appliances for free.

Common Appliances People Dispose Of

What are some common appliances that people need to dispose of?

People often need to dispose of various household appliances before they end their useful lives or become obsolete. Here are some common appliances that are frequently disposed of:

  • Refrigerator and Freezer: This large appliance often requires disposal due to age, malfunction, or when upgrading to a more energy-efficient model.
  • Washing Machine and Dryer: When this laundry appliance breaks down or is replaced with a newer model, it needs proper disposal.
  • Dishwasher: Similar to washing machines, a dishwasher may need disposal after extensive use or when upgrading to a more advanced model.
  • Microwave: Microwaves may become outdated or malfunction over time, leading to their disposal.
  • Oven and Stove: Kitchen appliances like an oven or stove may need to be replaced due to wear and tear or style preference changes.
  • Small Kitchen Appliances: Items like a rice cooker, pressure cooker, air fryer, juicer, toaster, blender, coffee maker, or other small kitchen appliances may require disposal when they stop working or are no longer needed.

Recycling and proper disposal methods are vital to reduce the environmental impact of electronic waste. If you need a junk removal company that offers an appliance removal & recycle service, call us at Better Junk Haul.

Why is it important to recycle old appliances?

There are two primary reasons to recycle old appliances.

First, electrical equipment is manufactured from valuable materials that may be reused, such as gold and copper:

Recycling outdated kitchen appliances saves resources and allows us to move toward a circular economy wherein new products are manufactured from recycled materials.

Second, toxic materials for interior components may be used in the manufacture of electrical appliances:

Toxic elements such as lead and mercury can leak into the environment in time if you dispose of your appliances in a landfill rather than recycling them. That can result in harmful substances ending in our food or drinking water.

While many appliances are tested to ensure they do not contain dangerous compounds, recycling is still a good idea because toxic materials can remain.

How to Properly Dispose of Old Appliances

Do you need to dispose of old appliances as part of a remodel or upgrade? Ensure that you dispose of it properly and safely.

Do Not Dismantle Appliances

Do Not Dismantle Appliances

Do not attempt to disassemble the appliance for seeking parts or other reasons. Larger appliances may contain hazardous elements such as CFCs or toxic foam insulation. Other appliances, such as mercury, may have dangerous compounds in their pilot lights.

Consider Selling Or Giving

If an appliance is functional or can be repaired, an individual out there usually wants it. Consider posting an ad on Craigslist or another local site that offers the appliance on sale or free pick-up. It’s common practice in some communities to place unwanted items on curbs or in an alley with a “FREE” sign.


The Salvation Army frequently accepts working appliances and may even provide pick-up services if you choose donating your appliance. Habitat for Humanity offers “ReStores” that accept appliances as well. You may also inquire with local charities regarding whether or not they accept appliances.

Bundle Removal With a New Appliance

When purchasing a new model of a larger appliance, such as a washer or dryer, many stores may offer appliance removal services as an option. Look for stores that provide free removal as part of an upgrade offer. Stores might try to impose a fee for this service. However, bundling it with the price of a new model is typical.

Call a Service

Inquire about pick-up services from a nearby waste disposal center, landfill, or garbage professional. When asking how to get rid of an item, remember to be explicit about the equipment you want removed. And be prepared to tell them what year it was made if they ask. It is sometimes the most costly option, so enquire about fees as well as see if there’s any way to save money.

Contact Utility Company

Most states’ utility providers are excellent at providing appliance recycling services, either independently or via government programs. It is an excellent choice of what to do about old appliances since you can frequently obtain a refund, waiver, or even some cash for doing so. The only drawback is that most utility companies only have refrigerators and freezers. Some will, however, agree to pick up cooling or heating units if they are left out simultaneously.

Take it to an Appliance Disposal Center

You can take your appliance to an appliance disposal center if you own a truck or something else that can handle it. Contact them beforehand to ask if they could bring your particular appliances. Furthermore, appliances containing hazardous compounds are frequently unable to be placed in landfills. As a result, you may require an alternate for these. Small appliances can occasionally be placed in metal recycling bins.

City Trash Collector

If your city has a trash collection service, check their website to find out what services they offer and how you can dispose of an old oven, refrigerator, and any old appliances in this manner. Some will take up any appliances you left at the curb, but you may be charged an additional price on your monthly payment. Other cities provide bulky garbage days where you can haul away your appliances for free pick-up. It also serves as an excellent way to recycle old appliances.

Rent a Dumpster

Renting a dumpster will provide you with a temporary container for the old appliances and other trash. Consider disposing of the appliances as part of a larger remodeling project, and you’ll eliminate much other building debris. Many dumpster providers accept appliances, but it’s vital to research the types of appliances they accept and the permitted sizes.


It is not natural to know how to deal with obsolete appliances. Most of us are unaware of the environmental consequences of discarding electrical equipment.

But, similar to recycling plastics, it doesn’t have to be complicated!

You learned where to dispose of your old appliances and how to dispose of old appliances for free above.

If you need a junk removal company for your old appliances, trust Better Junk Haul appliance removal & recycle services. For more information and questions, call us at (702) 903-2363.